Sunday, 28 August 2016

10% Chance of Rain. Mmmm

Date: 28/08/2016
Location: Newton St Loe - Patch
Weather: Drizzle with some Brighter Patches
Other Species: 
House Martins, Barn Swallow, Buzzard, Jay, Green Woodpecker, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Cormorant, Treecreeper, Song Thrush, Coal Tit, Bullfinch.
34 Species

Headed out on Patch walk and it almost immediately started to drizzle! Thats not 10% chance of rain!! But out through Bath Mill not normal stuff Blackbirds, Goldcrest and Robin.
 2 Jay's squawked overhead and disappeared in trees so carried on up to fields very little apart from Wood Pigeons, fields have been cut now so easier to see things if there was anything which there wasn't!
Into Village and House Martins first seem to be buzzing about over Newton Farm Shop with smaller numbers of Barn Swallows, I thought other a good number of House Sparrows picking up grit from road.

Think this one didn't like his photo being taken!

Carried on down through Church with numbers building of Hirundinidaes, then at Send a Cow wires almost full!!

I'd estimate about 70 House Martins plus equal numbers of Barn Swallow. A great sight to hear and see, I wondered if they are amassing here ready to leave?
 Normally they sit on wires up by Newton Farm Shop? 
It's getting very busy up at shop now. 

On down to lakes and still 7 Cygnets (Mutes) done well this year but no new waterfowl apart from... Cormorant! Juvenile? Plus....

Adult sat high in normal tree.

 From here marched on home dodging a few more Showers of rain! 10% yeah right!!
Just before home a Juvenile Green Woodpecker sat before yaffling off.

When I got home Bullfinches on tree so here's a few shots of the family.

They seem to have done well this year, still up to 5 birds at once on feeders. 

Thanks For Looking !

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