Friday, 27 May 2016

Algarve - Portugal - Part Three

Date: 18th May - 24th May 2016
Location: Albufeira - Algarve (Portugal)
Weather: Blue Skies, Light Wind, 26-32 Degrees
Other Species: Crested Lark, Turtle Dove, Barn Swallow, Cattle Egret, Pallid Swift, Little Egret, Azure-Winged Magpie, Spotless Starling, Sardinian Warbler, Hoopoe, Zitting Cisticola, Serin, Corn Bunting, White Stork, Little Owl, Bee-Eater - Of Note

Observation: We visited what we thought was Vilamoura, it wasn't until we got back to the hotel that we were miles from the reserve, due to poor signage! Proves how lucky we are in the UK with signs and RSPB etc. We walked up a dirt track which ran in line with the beach, first tick of the day was this Turtle Dove, who was just out the car-park calling, it didn't let us get many shots before he flew to the woodland opposite and started calling again.

Walking around the "reserve" there was a abundance of Turtle Doves, we seen 5+ but there were more calling within the woodlands along the track.

There were also plenty of Crested Lark here, buzzing around the meadows and fences.

We had a quick break at the middle car-park where there were plenty of Hirundines catching the flies, we thought this was just a Swift, but when editing it looks more like a Pallid Swift, unless anyone says any different?

This Spotless Starling put on his wing dance for us whilst he sung for his supper!

On our return, 11 Cattle Egrets and a single Little Egret landed with the resident sheep and lambs, and gave us some close range shots of them in their habitat.

It seems a walk in the Algarve isn't complete without spotting a singing Serin high in the trees or a fly-past Azure-Winged Magpie.

This Azure-Winged Magpie stopped for some shots in the sun.

A "shopping" day trip to Portimao, we couldn't find the shops we were stopped by these, nesting White Storks. At first we only thought it was the one nest, but they had taken up residency on every chimney and crane around the town. Amazing sight!

We had a great time in Algarve, with some superb new species seen, including the target species of Turtle Dove and Bee-Eater's ! 10 new ticks under our belts.
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