Friday, 17 April 2015

Patch - Newton St Loe.. Then Browns Folly - Bathampton

Date: 16/04/2015

Location: Patch - Newton St Loe.. >Then Browns Folly > Bathampton 

Observation: Headed out on the Thursday patch walk to Newton St Loe village and Lakes a lovely day with blue skies. Campsite still really busy but Chiffchaff seems oblivious to it. Many Skylarks in fields and the odd Yellowhammer hiding in hedges.

Weather: Blue Skies > Temp 19c 

Other Species: Newton First - Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Jay, Raven, 3 Barn Swallow, Buzzard, Treecreeper, Little Owl, Yellowhammer, Blackcap - Plus Usual .

Butterflies: On Patch - Peacock, Holly Blue, Small Tortoiseshell.

Willow Warbler From Campsite

As Close As I Could Get ! 

At Church, A Single Orange Tip Was Dancing Around Graveyard

Got To Lakes + The  Little Owl Looking Splendid ! 

 Not Forgetting The Residents Mr Dunnock's

And Roger The House Sparrow :)

Barn Swallows Now Number 3 But Caught These Two Looked Like Mating.

Just before hitting Pennyquick saw a Holly Blue first one I've seen on patch!

 Mmmmm.. Butterflies I'll head to Browns folly!

Bathampton > Brown Folly > Butterflies

Walked into woods seemed very quiet not many nectar sources around but first butterfly was my first of the year Speckled Wood.

Then Another Holly Blue Landed And Gone ! 

Speckled Wood

European Peacock On One Of The Few Flowers

With the Butterflies not showing, headed on down woods
 to Van saw this tiny little chap on path.

Then jumped up to to almost a nice perch .

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