Thursday, 23 April 2015

Green Hairstreak @ Browns Folly

Date: 23/04/2015

Location: Browns Folly > Bathampton 
Observation: Butterfly hunt number four. Went to Bannerdown first, walked  completely around meadow/field not much, Orange Tip and Holly Blue flew past me and disappeared, gone. After an hour of searching headed over to Browns Folly with great views towards Bath a great place to sit and watch ! There were very few Butterflies here too Peacocks a fly past Holly Blue, Green Veined White.

 Mmmm not good was about to go and saw not one, not two, but three Green Hairstreaks !! Nice first time for me and takes my total to 32 butterflies. This stunning looking chap or lass not sure? Kept returning to same flower and to a small sapling with shiny leaves I think honeydew sap.

Weather: Blue, Sunny + Lovely ! 

Other Species: Nuthatch, Buzzard, Chiffchaff,

Butterflies: Orange Tip, Green-Veined White, Holly Blue, Peacock, Green Hairstreak, Comma.

Only started last year :) On 11 
This year so far .But 32 total and its only April !!!

Cheers for now :)

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