Thursday, 14 November 2013

Roe Deer in Sunshine

Date spotted:14/11/2013
Location: Zone 1-2-5
Observation: 26 species ,kingfisher at top lake , also big flock of Jackdaw at least 60+ 12 teal and nice encounter with Roe Deer in Sunshine .1x Bumble Bee ? Late ?

Weather: Cold cloudy with some blue skies.

 12 Teal ,although only 4 pictured :)

Other Species: Goldfinch,Maggpie,Crow,Blue-Great tits,Long Tailed Tits,House Sparrow numbers seem to be dropping .Wren,Grey Heron x2,Black Headed Gulls, lesser BB ,Mute Swan x9 ,Jackdaw x 60+,Buzzard,Mallard,Kingfisher,Grey Wagtail,Teal x12, Woodies ,Mistle Thrush,Blackbird 1 ! Rook,Coot,Morhen,Pheasant, Redwing x5


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