Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mistle Thrush - Turdus Viscivorus

Date spotted: 17th April 2012
Location: River Avon Loop - Zone 3+5
Observation:  Mistle Thrush was spotted feeding after light rain shower in local field. This is the first one seen since June 2011! Also seen the first Kestrel hovering in flight since Feb 2012! 
Weather: Blue sky slowly changing to overcast and light rain. Cold due to wind.
Other Species: Kestrel, 1+ Mistle Thrush, Skylark, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Mute Swan, Barn Swallow, Mallard, Buzzard, Crow, Wood Pigeon, Dunnock


  1. Lovely picture of the thrush! is there a good way of visually differentiating between a song and a mistle thrush for when they're not singing?

    1. A Mistle Thrush it slightly slimmer and the biggest of the Thrushes compared to the song thrush. The Mistle Thrush is also slightly greyer whereas the Song Thrush has a orange tinge to it.
      The Song Thrush has more alinged spots on its front breast, the Mistle Thrush doesn't.
      The size of the Song Thrush is 23cm and the Mistle Thrush is 27cm.

      Hope this helps..


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