Friday, 11 October 2019

American Black Tern, Dorset & Patch

3rd -10th October
Longham Lakes, Lodmoor, Newton St Loe
Sunshine, Plus Very Grey.
Species Highlights: 
American Black Tern, Grey Phalarope


A wander around the patch on the 3rd October produced a high count but not many pictures 47 species counted and this top little Stonechat, first of the year.

Work then rain for most of the weekend so Tuesday was next day out. 
An American Black Tern was showing at Longham Lakes, Dorset, so off I went (Lauren was recovering from a operation so I was on my own) after arriving and a short walk the Tern was obvious and a number of birders where lined up along the shore of the lake.

Struggling to see the difference between the Slimbridge Black Tern, last week I thought i'd do a ID picture to distinguish between the two similar species.

The light was tricky for the American Black Tern but the main difference is greyer under flanks and greyer head not black like the Black Tern.

A very mobile bird flying up and down the lake and in to the sun, but pleased with another new bird and year tick.

After spending a couple of hour with the tern I then drove along to Lodmoor to see what else I could add, Little Gull had gone but happy to watch the Godwits.

West path Lodmoor always good light and see close range birds.

After chatting to very friendly birders and searching for the elusive Grey Phalarope it suddenly appeared distant but you cant always see it like last year!

Huntspill 19/09/2018 100 mm

Med Gulls & Little Egrets looking great in the afternoon sunshine.

 Grey Heron was chasing the Great White Egret around the reserve.

1 of 2 Great White Egrets.

The skies above were starting to change colour from blue to dark grey, rain was on the way, last shot of the day was this handsome Black Tailed Godwit.

More heavy rain on the 9th so the 10th October was another patch walk, again not much to photograph but did a long walk hoping to see something good but Linnet, Meadow Pipits and this young Stag Roe was the best of it.

Plenty of Buzzard around patch counted 7 Birds this the Stanton Prior bird which always seems to come a bit closer then the Seven Acre birds.
With a few more ticks added to my #200 bird year, just 5 to go! (Lauren back out next week playing catch up, I hope)

Wayne Year Bird List: 195
Lauren Year Bird List: 182

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