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New York Spring Migration Trip - Part Two

Date: 2nd May - 7th May
Location: New York - United States

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Still a Mixed Sunshine, Rain + Overcast.
Species Lifers - Day 3 - Jamaica Bay 
Greater Yellowlegs, Willet, Savannah Sparrow, Least Sandpiper, House Wren, Boat Tailed Grackle, Forster's Tern, American Oystercatcher, Field Sparrow, Tri-Coloured Heron, American Wigeon, Short Billed Dowitcher.

Species Lifers - Day 4 - Central Park
Red Breasted Nuthatch, Orchard Oriole.

4th of May, we planned a trip to Jamaica Bay. A coastal reserve next to JFK airport, a Tube ride, a very helpful bus driver and we arrived. It was drizzly rain but on entering the reserve the birds were everywhere Tree Swallow, Bank Swallow buzzing in the skies but our first spot was a Greater Yellowlegs, distant but a lifer.

The grey wet condition was making it difficult but waders could be seen out on mud flats, Red Knot, Dunlin, Plover and Short Billed Dowitcher

 And Brant.

From behind us we could hear what sounded like a Wren, it was a House Wren, my first Wren in USA, note the longer bill.

Tree Swallow were everywhere buzzing 2/3 ft above our head such beautiful birds.

We counted 6 Osprey nest around the reserve, all occupied.

The grey weather did mean that the Tree Swallow were sat and even mating was going on.

This male was sat on one of the many nest boxes around reserve.

Bank Swallow, Barn Swallow, Tree Swallow plus a sub species of Barn Swallow the H.R.  erythogaster (Rusty Orange Breast)

 Boat Tailed Grackle was calling to its mate another lifer.

Willet a shore feeding bird.

It even landed for a better look.

3 Forster's Tern were great to watch, feeding, diving into water and complete submerging into water.

 Apart from the many feeding birds like Song Sparrow, Mockingbird, American Robin, Kinglet, Chipping Sparrow, and many more another lifer was spotted a Savannah Sparrow.

Did I mention the Tree Swallow, you just cant help snapping them!

Ospreys soaring overhead, just so much to look at.

Yellow Rumped Warbler, this a Female.

Even Ruby Throated Hummers in the drizzle!

We had to walk half way around the reserve and it was wet, we stopped at a bench to wait for it to go off, hopefully. While sat a Lesser Yellowlegs landed, nice to see one away from Lodmoor.

Least Sandpiper (lifer)

Spotted Sandpiper, Blue Winged Teal also from bench.

The rain didn't really stop but we had better views of the 7 Least Sandpiper, what a bench!

We continued on around to some shelter with Magnolia Warblers, Flicker, Scarlet Tanager, House Finch and Brown Headed Cowbirds to keep us company.

We got to the Information Centre to dry off, some helpful wardens were there for any info, and a good display with a before and after of when the Reserve was built. Our plan was to wait until rain stopped and walk around again, it didn't stop but we walked around anyway.

American Oystercatcher was now on the Tide Line, it turns out the morning we arrived at the perfect time, the tide was right in , most of the Swallows had now taken to the skies higher up, but still plenty to see.

A brief spell of Sunshine and a American Painted Lady appeared plus this Sulphur Yellow a new butterfly for us both.

Lauren still has the luck, open wing shot!

Glossy Ibis overhead.

Another Lifer, the Field Sparrow, United States has 40 species of Sparrow 40 !!

Yellow Warblers were singing all around the reserve.

Next a real highlight, I spotted through the bushes a Tri-coloured Heron a stunning bird, and another lifer.

The weather had finally changed and some blue skies had appeared.

Ruddy Duck in their natural habitat.

American Herring Gull, a bit bigger than ours also known as Smithsonian Gull having a crab lunch.

Still singing Yellow Warblers.

House Finch with Sunflower seed.

That was the West Pond covered, we now headed across road to East Pond this was overlooking JFK airport but didn't stop the Osprey hunting on the pond or us spotting our first American Wigeon.

Laughing Gulls along with 2 (rare here) Lesser Black Backed Gull seen

On the way out of the Reserve, we saw a stunning male Towhee, a great day was had with 70 species seen and 11 lifers ticked!!

5th May

It rained constantly so a morning at Central Park, but still had a lifer in the form of a Orchard Oriole and plenty of birds to be seen at the North End.

This picture taken with my phone in Central Park In North Woods, you can't see the rain but trust me it was pouring down. 
We were the only birders in Central Park that morning.

The American Robin feeling the conditions.

Nesting just a few feet from the normally busy paths.

As I said still birds about this a Blue Winged Warbler.

Common Yellowthroat sheltering.

We eventually got to the Jackie Onassis Reservoir to see Gadwall and a Double Breasted Cormorant. We put our camera away and headed back to the hotel to do some sightseeing.

One of the newest sights in New York is the Vessel, a bit weird
I think it should be called the Pretzel building its located in Midtown Manhattan, Hudson Yards.

No shortage of Police here!

We got the Tube to Times Square for some photos.

Selfie time, back to the Hotel and to get ready for the lasts couple of days birding. 
Part 3 on it's way.

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  1. Excellent work. Looks like you had a fantastic time. I got tired just reading it, felt like I'd walked around with you. Great photos too.


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