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March round up

Date: 1st March - 24th March
Location: Slimbridge, Weymouth , Lodmoor, Radipole, Severn Beach, forest Of Dean, Newton St Loe.
Alsorted ending with Spring!
Species Highlights: 
Lesser Yellowlegs, Brambling, Lesser Scaup,Sparrowhawk, Spoonbill, Corn Bunting, Ring Necked duck, Marsh Tit, Wheatear, Chiffchaff.
Been a bit bit busy of late so really just a catch up of our travels in March so far.
4th March a trip to Slimbridge.

Pintail's from the Rushy hide always great to photograph.

A close up snipe.

Black Headed Gulls looking splendid.

I always like trying to photograph the Jackdaws, so quick, I like a challenge.

11th March we headed down to Weymouth. Lodmoor first and plenty to see.

The single Spoonbill stayed distant, shame.

But the Dunnock didn't !

Amazing feather detail.

After a couple of hours we headed around to Radipole and finally we saw the Ringed neck Duck my 4th attempt.

Not as close as we'd like but a year tick all the same.

Not much else about we headed but to Lodmoor and the Spoonbill was on the move.

The almost resident Lesser Yellowlegs showed extremely well in the excellent light from the west path.

The leucistic Ruff flew past not to be left out.

Not forgetting the Black Tailed Godwits.

But the LY looked great.

A beautiful Sparrowhawk.

Chiffchaff arriving now too.

On way home dropped into Maiden Castle not a bad spot for Corn Bunting.

A large flock of Golden Plover there too.

13th March just me and I headed to Forest of Dean, not a bad day managed a few year ticks.

Always showy the Nuthatch.

Saw a couple of Marsh Tits.

18th March stayed home managed a few on my feeders.

20th March  Blagdon Lake and a Lesser Scaup was showing, distant but nice to see.

Headed to Severn Beach after Blagdon and was not disappointed, Meadow Pipits, Pied Wagtails and...

A super Wheatear, i'll take that tick !

On way home met up with Allan Chard in Eastville Park managed to spot this great little Goldcrest, posted picture on Twitter and Facebook it went wild with 252 likes 30 comments on Facebook and twitter 91 retweets- 584 likes- 13 comment , one of our best tweets ever!!
I posted the comment.  "Punk rock anyone? Goldcrest singing Anarchy in the U.K. I think "
Seem to go quite well !

Eastville park has got it all Kingfishers and Dippers.

23rd March Few more from our tree, Lauren this time.

Today 24th March
Headed up to Bath University to see if we could find the Brambling that had been seen, Lovely to see this Nuthatch enjoying the Spring Sunshine.

We found, Lauren found , the Brambling and they show quite well.

Darted to Blagdon for Lauren to tick the Lesser Scaup, it took some finding but we did. On way home popped into Newton St Loe for a WEBS count, very glad we did. Brimstone and Comma were seen, in fact 8 Comma, 4 Peacocks and 1 Brimstone plus Bee Flies.

While walking around the lower lake we spotted this great Toad.

Female on bottom male hanging on!

WEBS count done, we have a visitor on lake this strange looking Mallard a sort of Chilean Mallard hybrid?

 A lovely walk with not too many people about also worth a note this Hare climbing bank towards student residences.

So the final tally of our bird year listing is 

Butterflies starting to add up now 
Lauren- 4

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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