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New York Part 2

Date: 29th January - 31st January
New York (mainly Central Park)
-6 but much warmer than Quebec City but then turning to Blizzards.
Species Highlights: 
Red Bellied Woodpecker, Red Tailed Hawk, Tufted Titmouse, Evening Grosbeak, Cooper's Hawk, Northern Saw Whet Owl, Ruddy Duck.

Part One here


A 400 mile trip 1.5 hours flying time we touched down into La Guardia Airport almost dark so a Subway to a city view point, heavy rain stopped us getting the shots we wanted but a great night was had.

Morning came and a whole day in Central Park was planned.
Blue skies but -7 perfect weather and light.

Not so many American Robins around but still a smart bird.

We spotted this Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk just sunbathing with New Yorkers walking straight past him.

A few people stopped saying "Look a Owl!"

The Ramble area is always a good spot, there are a few feeders and in this colder time of year a good bet for birds.

The Blue Jay Profile Pictures.

Even the locals, of which most people in Central park are very chatty and willing to share info and said how many Tufted Titmouse were about, previous visits i'd only seen 1 and 2 this trip 10/20 seen.

Along with House Sparrows plenty of these White Throated Sparrows around.

America seems to have a good share of Sparrows 35 types in North America, this Fox Sparrow is rather smart too.

Tufted Titmouse on Lauren's hand helping itself to stolen Almond for breakfast!

Another American Robin.

There'd been 3 species of owl in Central Park over the last few weeks and are fingers we crossed they'd hang around unfortunately 2 species had departed but very pleased to find this Northern Saw Whet Owl, with a bit of local knowledge.
A tiny little owl, they perch at eye level, which is handy. A few shots and we left him to sleep, people were walking under and past his tree he didn't seem to mind.

Another bird that had been around for a few weeks was the Evening Grosbeak over at Riverside Park a 10 minute subway ride, had to be done. A few birders were looking but my eagle eyed daughter spotted it flitting around the trees.
A very smart bird and a little bit of course.

We walked back to Central park, Harlem end and this Red Tailed Hawk entertained while Lauren sorted her blisters out!

We saw 3 birds circling above Harlem Meer, a small lake.

We then walked a further 2 miles towards the Ramble to Jackie Onassis Reservoir with Shoveller, Bufflehead, Ring Billed gull, Canada Goose, Ruddy Duck and Hooded Merganser all on the far side. The weather was changing getting very cold with snow or Blizzard forecast within 4 minutes! After a few shots of this Cooper's Hawk are 4 minutes was up and a Blizzard started! 
Really, if only our weather forecasts were this accurate.

Very different from the totally blue skies earlier.

Shortly after this picture I slipped over, my hand still hurts Lauren thought it was hilarious!

That night after a hot shower we had a free meal at Hard Rock Cafe Times Square , special VIP treatment, Lauren's a good complainer!
After meal we were taken to the Balcony above the entrance, not many people get to go here.

The Final morning was upon us and more Central Park.

Mandy the world famous Mandarin Duck was re-found by us! 
It had disappeared for 2 days and the New Yorkers feared it had gone but our tweet had 400 likes and 50 retweets and some very happy Americans.

Brown Headed Cowbird in the Ramble.

Must have been 50/60 Common Grackle in the Park, very cool looking birds.

A female Northern Cardinal.

Something a bit weird a Leucistic Grackle.

American Goldfinch very similar to our Goldfinch squabbling on the feeders but summer the time to see these, looking a bit drab now.

Love this shot of a Norther Flicker a great looking tongue used for licking all those grub and alike.

Another woodpecker showed very well the Red Bellied Woodpecker.

And another the Downy Woodpecker, America has 22 species.

Male Northern Cardinal such a stunning bird a real splash of colour.

And the final shot of our fantastic trip the Tufted Titmouse.

We'd managed a total count of birds at 51 species, not very high but putting it down to weather, but i think you'd agree some beauties!

Hope you've enjoyed our blog if you need any help on locations travel or anything just drop us a line, always happy to help.Roll on May, when we return to New York, just me and Lauren 6 days of birding, it'll be a  Warbler mission, we'll do some travelling looking for good spots to bird.

Thanks For Looking! 
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