Friday, 18 January 2019

Forest of Dean & Newton

Date: 14/17 January 2019
Forest of Dean + Newton St Loe
Overcast then Beautiful Sunshine.
Species Highlights: 
Dipper, Crossbill, Marsh Tit, Short Eared Owl, Buzzard.
Monday morning we popped over the bridge to the Forest of Dean to see the Crossbills that had been all over social media, we've been going in January since 2014 but this year it seems everyone else decide to go! We arrived at 8am with just one other car there but soon the small car park was full with people walking, chatting and more cars arriving all morning long after 2.5 hours we left with no Crossbills. On a up note we did hear a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Drumming. 
From Parkend we went to our usual spot for Dipper and excellent to see a Pair.

After checking out Woolgreens with not a single bird on the lake or seen on the walk we headed to Cannop ponds for lunch and soon had all the normal birds visiting.

Marsh Tit always a little stunner.

Even asking fashion advice, Does my bum look big in this!

The light was very overcast so a very high ISO but the bird performing well.


Not getting our target birds we headed back up to Parkend, even more people were there but after a hour of waiting a flock of Crossbill landed in tree above us then 2 came down to puddle.

A very brief visit in fact 30 seconds but great to see.

All targets ticked we drove back to England and stopped at Aust to check in on the Shorties, on pulling in we immediately spotted a SEO pearch on a distant branch. Another Short Eared Owl appeared and a brief tussle started.

We had a great day with Siskin, Crossbill, Dipper, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Marsh Tit all added to our year lists.

Thursday my normal patch walk and the sunshine was shining like a summer's day top field still quiet but did see 5 Skylark and this lovely Buzzard flew towards me for a change.

Love the colour on his tail almost Red Tailed Hawk!

He soon spotted me and drifted off.

Lots of small birds through Send a Cow woodland and this Grey Wagtail feeding on the lower Waterfall, bottom lake.

Teal numbers have dropped right of now only 17 birds all swans present but little else to report from lakes.
A few Common Gull on back drive in orchard at end of drive the single Fieldfare we busly feeding and fallen apples, along we a female Blackcap.

After a walk ending on 43 species a few birds were visiting my feeders, mostley Goldfinch, Tits.

But great to see a pair of Blackcap looking good in the sunshine.

Off to Canada wednesday for 10 days so check our Twitter feed for updates.

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