Friday, 9 November 2018

5th - 8th November Roundup

Date: 5th 8th November
Lansdown, Slimbridge, Mendips, Newton St Loe
Grey, mostley overcast
Species Highlights: 
Spotted Redshank, Great White Egret, Greater White Fronted Goose, Raven.
Heavy rain on sunday so Monday was first day i could get out , not many birds about so went on the hunt for some shrooms, Lansdown nr. Bath
After the rain i thought they'd be a few more Mushrooms and fungus around but hard to spot. Did see these Lovely Dead Man's fingers.

Not sure of name for these? I walked around Brockham End and Pipley Woods at Lansdown and got very wet in searching so afternoon popped into to Chew Valley.

Went to Villace hide and very little on show, this Spotted Redshank was feeding briefly before it flew to other side of lake.

2 Great White Egret were squabbling over territory.

This Great Black Backed Gull had found something, but after a few attempts to eat it then wash  it in lake he left it alone, I also Left hoping for better tomorrow.

I went through the online sighting for somewhere to go but nothing new was close enough to visit so headed up to Slimbridge.
Had hopes of the Bittern showing as it had been doing from the Zeis hide but a 2 hour wait produced Common Crane & Golden Plover. It was a bit grey but liked the back drop, the golden autumn tree of Wales.

Golden Plover were being spooked by i think Peregrine which i failed to see.

The Flock of Barnacle Geese also looking good.

From the Rushy hide Pintail were cleaning and feeding.

Such a stunning bird, Teal just in shot almost in sync.

European White-fronted Geese are starting to build in numbers on the Tack piece.

Looking nice in the very brief Sunshine.

Almost time to go and popped into the Rushy, a few photographers chatting and taking snaps of Mallards, I spotted and was the only one to see this encounter with a Jackdaw and Sparrowhawk, The Spawk out maneuvered the Jackdaw to fight another day.

Rain was heavy Wednesday Morning but afternoon a few dry hours, headed to Stockhill wood on the Mendips for another soaky Mushroom hunt, was amazed at the amount of birds moving through woods, Goldcrest, Coal tits, Long Tailed, bullfinch even heard from above Crossbills calling, had small lens on so no pictures but great to watch. A few more mushrooms about. 

Common Puffball closeup.

Someone had been through woodland picking and kicking over most of the Waxcaps and others but managed a few nice shots.

Thursday morning and i overslept, normally get out 10:30 11 am but it was 12 before i ventured onto patch( working nights not  lazy, well I Am but!) 
It all seemed very very quiet even our feeders were empty of birds. Top fields a few linnet was all of note. Spotted a few Mistle thrush in the treetops, this one in normal tree by church yard.

Apart from Mallard, Moorhen and the single Jen the  Swan the highlight was 2 Cormorants perched on dead tree top lake.

The woodland walk looking spectacle.

Walked back along drive to the sound of the Raven Calling.

Rook, Crow and Jackdaw feeding in numbers in fields either side of drive.

Last week had a good count of 45 species this week seeing this kestrel when almost home ended walk on 34 species, I did see a Peacock butterfly but here's hoping for better in next few weeks. Thanks to all our readers hope you enjoy. :)

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