Monday, 8 October 2018

Dipper, Spotted Redshank, YL Gull, Tawny Owl, Sparrowhawk to name a few

Date: 07/10-08/10/2018
Location: staying local.
Weather: Blue skies with grey today
Species Highlights: 
Dipper, Spotted Redshank, Greater Scaup, Yellow Legged Gull, Tawny Owl, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel.

Woke up Sunday and decided on getting a few ticks for Lauren to catch up so popped into Pensford and we were rewarded with this great little Dipper, after 3/4 shots it shot of down river and out of view.

Next stop was Chew Valley and my favorite hide Villice, the light was superb but not alot to see, the Heron was looking at himself i think.

But we spotted tick number 2 for Lauren a Greater Scaup, female.

Just as we were about to go a Spotted Redshank appeared and marched back and forth in front the hide.

Great looking bird and with some wonderful light this made the afternoon.

Next stop was Heron's Green Bay and a Jack Snipe, honest it's there seen through Trevors £3000 scope but my picture for photographic proof!

With 3 ticks for Lauren, she spotted number 4 a Yellow Legged Gull. 
No joy with our last target a Lesser Scaup but a good Day.

Monday Morning and i was free to wander as Lauren working so back down to Chew and Villice again, around 5 Great Whites and a few grumpy Heron but nothing else on view.

I've got so many pictures of Great White Egrets!

As soon as the GWE would land a Grey Heron would fly in squawking
and off the GWE would fly.

The highlight of the morning was this fantastic Sparrowhawk, It was hovering over a submerged Common sandpiper, which it was chasing. I never saw the Sandpiper re emerge from the water but guess it must have flown off when i was watching Sprawk hovering.

Such a little beauty.

I left Chew and headed over to Allan Chards on the chance of a Firecrest which he saw yesterday in Eastville park, but after a wander around with people saying you should have been here 30 mins ago as 2 Otters were seen 
Still I've never seen a Otter!! 
But a Bonus on dipping the Otter and the Firecrest was this Tawny owl squashed into this nest box, Allan had a picture of 2 Tawny in this box!

I left after a couple of hours but dropped into Newton St Loe on way back, All very quiet bird wise but leaf blower on full blast and groundsmen out in force pruning and and tiding top lake. Top path overlooking lake saw this Kestrel, she did not happy I disturbed her, I kept my distance but more students were approaching her.

And that was it she flew off.

Found this little chap posing just below where Kestrel was perched.

I did return route and a Cormorant was on Bankside.

He didn't seem bothered and yawned as I passed him. 
So many pictures in last couple of days i thought I'd share them with you!

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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