Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring Mirgrants

Date: 03/04/2018
Location: Newton St loe
Weather: Grey, Overcast becoming Brighter at end of walk.
Species Highlights: 
Chiffchaff, Hawfinch, Mandarin Duck, Kestrel.

Just a quick update after a long overdue patch walk, out through Bath Mill and the Chiffchaff have returned at least 2 heard and seen calling along brook with more on dog track.

Awful picture, they'll get better I promise.

Linnet flock still around but fewer birds saw  around 25, plenty of Skylark activity heard but all very high and difficult to see. After being away for over a week Yellowhammers seemed to have spread across fields, again numbers lower with around 10+ by trigpoint.

No Swallows or Martins in or over village yet, any time soon.
More Chiffchaff in Send a Cow woodland, plus this rather smart male Grey Wagtail on lower lake waterfall.

At top lake water level very low in fact lowest I've ever seen meaning Teal number at 5 birds Mallards also low but some could be off nesting. 
7 Grey Heron at top end of lake with only one bird on nest, they don't seem to be using Herony this year yet but still early. More Chiffchaff calling around lake. One distant Hawfinch seen, but chatting to another birder he said he saw 2 birds.

Barn Owl seen, first daytime sighting this year all previous sightings have been in darkness.
Almost home just before Pennyquick I heard i thought 2 Mallards rise from flooded field just before road, but very surprised to to see it was 2 Mandarin Duck male and female!

Almost a garden tick, with Chiffchaff and the Mandarin this takes our year patch total to 69 species. Going well with plenty more to add, I hope.

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