Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Return + catch up

Date: 03/12/2017
Location: Newton St Loe
Grey, ending with some blue much warmer. 
Species Highlights: 
Goosander, Teal, Fieldfare
Headed out through Bath Mill with Brook and even fields very quiet, apart from Blackbirds on dog walk near apple trees, as of other years at least 10 birds with a couple of Redwing. Also here 1 male & 1 Female Blackcap, hidden in trees so couldn't get picture.
Into village and mostly quiet too,farm shop seemed busy with BMW, Mercedes and Audi all checking out the bargains! 
A few more chaffinch in village and at church yard orchard Redwing, Fieldfare, Blackbirds and Robin feeding on fallen apples. All very jumpy.

All keeping a eye on me, took me 15 mins of keeping still to get these shots!

A lack of Jackdaw numbers today, numbers normally into the 30-50 but today i see on Avonbirds blog, large numbers at Marksbury so could explain where ours were, Rook and Crow numbers the same as usual here. 
Down on to lakes, all number rising with some new additions, 3 Goosander have returned. I'm really pleased to see them back and hope the numbers rise into the 20's as they have previous years.

7 Teal plus Mallard numbers into the high 30's all regulars present apart from Little Grebe who seems to come and go, all looking good for next WEBS count.

Bit of older news

Was getting ready to go to work on the Friday 01/12 and had a phone call from Robert Hargreaves and Anne, WOODCOCK present on patch a few words and my coat was on camera in hand, i drove to village and ran down to Fisherman's carpark where i met them both, the Woodcock went down under tree towards security office. I ventured into field to look under tree, Robert had his camera pointing in case i flushed it. I found a hare almost stood on it! 
Then all of a sudden the Woodcock flew straight at Robert and Anne, No Picture!! It Flew past and disappeared over bottom lake never to be seen again, i did search for 30 mins but nothing. But a great bird to get on patch. 
This takes our Patch record ticks this year to 85 species and all time patch count to 94.

On the 30th November i went to Slimbridge, Freezing cold but blue skies for some parts and some great birds .


 The Water Rail showed extremely well from the Willow hide.

Little Stint saw 3 birds but always very distant.

The funniest thing i've seen in ages was this Hooded Merganser, he caught a monster fish then the decided someone was chasing him, there was no one chasing him! He continued to splash his way across the pen with his prize wedged in his jaws......

Once he made dry land he dropped it!
 But continued to run then swim, another bird did eventually pick it up, and eat the fish. The Merganser didn't quite know what had happened to his prize,  The glory comes from the chase anyway, Lol.

The Buffleheads looking fantastic in the sunshine.

The last couple of hours i spent in the Rushy hide where Bewick's and the light were perfect!

Shelduck, Pintail were entertaining me flying in front the hide against blue skies.

A brief visit from this Buzzard made all rise to the skies and panic.

Golden Plover one of the species that took to the skies, looking golden in the sunshine.

Now very cold after 5 hours at Slimbridge, i decided on departing just as this Bewick's family arrived, always a great place and even better when the skies are blue!

Thanks For Looking! 
  Thanks For All Your Support!

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