Monday, 13 November 2017

2 out of 3 isn't bad

Date: 13/11/2017
Eastville Park + Brean Down + Chew Valley Lake
Weather: Started blue ended grey overcast
Species Highlights: 
Goldcrest, Black Redstart,Rock Pipit, Stonechat, Long Tailed Duck, Goldeneye
A free monday and decided to go on a bit of a tour, starting at Eastville park to check on Otters, sadly none were seen, but a tip off from Allan Chard pointed me in the direction of some Firecrest. On going to the wrong place i found 2 within 5 minutes of looking jumping around and landed on same perch at one point managed a few half decent pictures high iso 3200 but my first UK firecrests , i was well happy.

Showing his little head strip and white brow.

A cracking start to the day and it was only 10:45AM. Next target was Brean Down for a look in on the Black Redstart.

A quick drive down the M32-M4-M5 and 40 miles later i was sat on the beach eating a apple looking around for the Black Redstart, not 10ft from me it landed!

No crop needed!

It was feeding on seaweed and flies that were leaving the weed

No mealworms were harmed or used it was quite happily coming within 10 foot of me i just sat and let it come.

A excellent little bird, my day was going to plan, after 60 or so keepers i left, Stonechat, Robin, Dunnock and Rock Pipits were also present.

The sign didn't apply to him!

Not another soul was on the beach, just how i like it.

Next target was Chew Valley lake and the Long Tailed Duck, was hoping for more of the same pictures nice and close tack sharp.....after chatting with Robert & Anne they told me it was off of the yacht club on scanning the waters for 45 mins no sign best bird was this distant Goldeneye still a nice bird. Headed over to Picnic one to check and 4 birders had it in there scopes.

After much squinting i saw it....just! Not the closeup tack sharp image i was after but 2 out of 3 really isn't bad. I left a happy man.

Thanks For Looking! 
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