Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Spoonbills, Osprey and Turtle Dove

Date: 02-03/10/2017
Location: Slimbridge-Northwick Wharf
Cloudy & Sunshine but turning colder.
Species Highlights 
Spoonbill, Osprey, Turtle Dove.
Headed up to Slimbridge for a bit of Spoonbill action and we were not disappointed as on arriving 2 Spoonbill juvenile were right in front the Rushy hide, sleeping but occasionally popping there heads up, having a stretch then back to sleep.

While they slept interesting to watch the Black Headed gulls practicing diving in around 3 inches of water. Also on Rushy a Curlew Sandpiper but a bit distant.

Another Stretch.

Not quite a stretch together but both awake!

We left Spoonies to it and headed off around reserve to see what else was about 5 Snipe from the Hogarth hide, could locate Med gulls also on lake.

After doing the rounds came back to Rushy just in time it seemed as one, then the other Spoonbill took to the skies. I would have been happy with this shot...but

But this one's a bit better i think, in all its glory!

After the Spoonbills left, we think down to the estuary this cool looking leucistic Greylag came in.

A Red Kite was spotted and most of the birds on Tack piece rose to the skies including this 2 Common Cranes, always good to see.

A quick kiss from the Teal's and Monday was over.

03/10/2017  Chatting to a fellow birder at Slimbridge and he told me about a Osprey showing well. so day off decided to go take a look. £6:70 Severn bridge toll and 30 mins later pulled up saw bird looking splendid on tree but unfortunately that was it, it flew not to be seen by me again. Now what ? 
RSPB Newport wetlands not far away so headed there.Not much going on there, good for coffee and dog walkers but that was all, should have went to Goldcliff, next time.

Thought on way home i'd pop in to Northwick Wharf and Pilling Wetlands, tide was out but Curlew, Oystercatchers and plenty of Black Tailed Godwits were showing, distantly.

Bad picture but a group of Starling being flanked by a Peregrine. I watched the Peregrine chase a Snipe from reeds, he was not successful.

Wheatear, Pied Wagtail and larger groups of Meadow Pipits were buzzing around in front sea wall.

Around 6/7 other birders were scoping around looking for something, I'd forgotten that 2 days ago a Turtle Dove had been found, i'd also not checked my Twitter to see what was about. After chatting to other birders Alan and Martyn Not good at names, nothing was seen and people started to drift off, then I spotted  a bird which i was 80% sure was a Turtle dove fly from hedge row, on mentioning it to them it flew from where i seen it land to almost in front of us !! 
Bonus !

It seemed very content to just sit and watch us at around 15 ft away!

I'd only ever seen them in UK at Otmoor, Oxford plus Mallorca and Portugal so to see one so well was excellent.

The sun came out too making its plumage look stunning.

More birders arrived after a few tweets went out and the bird came even closer to us.

It would feed for a few minutes then sit and wait.

After 150 pictures i decided to leave everyone else to it, and walked the short distance back to van feeling very happy on having a excellent day.

Thanks For Looking! 
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