Thursday, 27 July 2017

Little Egret returns

Date: 26/07/2017
Location: Newton St. Loe (Patch)
Weather: Grey, warm and Rain
Species Highlights:
Little Egret, Spotted Flycatcher,Marsh Tit,Chiffchaff, Black Headed Gull. 
With the excitement of me getting my 58th species of butterfly yesterday a Silver Spotted Skipper from Aston Rowant

Thought i'd have the day off from butterflies and head round patch, weather not great but started warm, grey and dry.
Normal stuff up on to Fields with Skylark, Buzzard and 5 Swift overhead, plus a flyover Black Headed Gull first since 21/03/207 a juvenile, i guess breeding over .
Looking down onto Globe Field a single female Kestrel in oak.
Into Village and a few Barn Swallow over with fewer House Martins, the 2 Martins nest which i can see are now empty.
House Martin's and Barn Swallow group feeding above Church must have been 100+ in skies.
Blackcap and Chiffchaff in Send a Cow Woodland and now it's raining.
On to Bottom Lake and grey Heron,juv plus Billy the lone Swan still about but very quiet on lower lake.
Top Lake 2 more Black Headed Gulls.

Plus a Little Egret !! 
Martin Tayler alerted me to it on the 24th and i was surprised to see it still on top lake,normally the Grey Herons chase it off.

It seems very happy preening and feeding top end, very pleased to see it, hope it stays.
Did the WEBS count and Mallard numbers looking good with 45 birds, 2 more Grey Heron Coots and Moorhen with chicks  plus 2 Ravens also present.

Carried on on towards Woodland to check for Spotted Flycatchers and saw 2 roe Deer hiding, They generally come for a drink and feed top end of lake.

It's now pouring with rain ! But Spotted Flycatcher in normal spot, saw 3 Birds calling and catching flies but my camera skills poor! even with 560mm couldn't get any decent shots. Saw them last year on the 03/07.

While sat looking at them this Chiffchaff landed for a peak, probably wondered who'd be stupid enough to be out in the rain.

One of the roe feeding, so nice when they don't even know you're there watched her for a while then headed back towards lake again for a shelter from rain in Pagoda.

While drying off watched the resident Mute Swans and young seem to be going well.

Cygnets also drying of and giving those little wings a flap.

Back up towards village and Send a Cow Woodland Blackcap, Song Thrush and Marsh Tit feeding on i think Elderberries, got one picture of Marsh Tit but won't embarrass myself, its poor!
Into Village and a few Barn Swallow on wire but House Sparrow look like they had a good year with the normal hedge full of them.

With earlier Kestrel saw 2 more on way back towards home, alway great to see them.
Ended walk on a species count of 42 not too bad.

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