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Alcudia, Majorca (S'Alfubera + S'Albufereta) - Part Three

Date: 18th May - 25th May 2017
Location: Alcudia, Majorca
Weather: Blue Skies, Very Warm and Sunny

Observation: We headed to Boquer Valley early on 23rd May on our bikes again hoping for plenty of birds of prey. We were overall pretty disappointing at how quiet Boquer was, think we came a few weeks too late!

A single Booted Eagle seen on the approach to the Villa, but too high for pictures.

We walked along past the Villa out towards the sea, we sat down and had lunch at the brow of the hill overlooking the sea and the bay, but after 20 minutes and only a single Yellow-Legged Gull flying through we decided to head back.

This little Sardinian Warbler popped up and posed nicely.

A bit of a change from birds!

As we left Boquer and headed back towards the bikes, another Booted Eagle was seen, this time a little lower.

Through the Pine Walk, plenty of chicks about, including this sad looking House Sparrow!

The next morning (23/5/17) Wayne headed out in the morning alone, to S'Albufera.

The Woodchat Shrike was still present on the same tree.

Whilst walking down to the Bishops Hide, these 2 Hoopoe flew in and landed withing 2 metres of me, I sat and watched them feeding for about 15 minutes before walking off.

The Avocet's still busy at work!

The Black-Winged Stilts, such a pretty bird!

The Stone Curlew still present in front the Sa Roca hide.

A pair of Glossy Ibis collecting nesting materials still.

Finally the target bird, which I missed last time!

Collared Pratincole

Spot the Pratincole!

By the afternoon, plenty of Falcon's in the skies, mostly Eleanora's in this shot.

Just can't help photographing the Black-Winged Stilts.

The next morning, Wayne headed back out and re-found some Swallowtail butterflies, so hard to photograph but managed a few shots!

We both headed to S'Albufera as a last visit in the afternoon and the visit paid off. The Western Reed Heron was present from Sa Roca Hide, and kept disturbing the Little Egret's so was very active.

The Glossy Ibis's were still about, this one stopped off for a nice wash.

After the Reef Heron disappeared out of sight, it wasn't long before what seemed the whole reserve in the air, this Marsh Harrier was trying to chase of the Golden Eagle who dwarfs the Harrier.

Everything else joined in trying to protect their chicks.

The pair of Collared Pratincole still present and not very active today.

Glad I managed to catch back up with the Stone Curlew, after a few minutes it came within about 15 foot of us and posed nicely.

The Kentish Plover knew how to pose for the camera's, he flew in, landed and had a little preen and flap.

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