Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Cotley Hill & Butterflies count 12 species

Date: 02/05/2017
Location: Cotley Hill, Wiltshire
Weather: Cloudy with sunny patches
Buzzard 3, Whitethroat, Skylark
Butterfly Species: 12
10+ Green Hairstreak : 1 Green Veined White
1 Dingy Skipper : 5 Grizzled Skipper
 2 Brown Argus : 2 Wall Brown
1 Red Admiral : 1 Holly Blue
2 Small Heath : 6 Orange Tip
2 Brimstone : 1 Peacock

All jobs done by 12:30 and blue skies with cloud over head, I could hear the butterflies calling so headed of to Cotley Hill. Took me around 30 mins to drive there and it was almost totally blue by the time I got there. 
First spots were Orange Tips, Red Admiral and a Brimstone just inside gate.

Could hear a Whitethroat calling.

Green Hairstreak were buzzing around on top Brambles but not staying for a picture, carried on round towards the large Horse Chestnut tree and more Green Hairstreak some perching up grass's.

Saw a couple of Lattice Heath Moth's, great little moths.

Not expecting to see any year ticks so was really surprised when a Small Heath appeared then disappeared over fence. Excellent and species number 14.
Might have to improve picture.

Couple of Grizzled Skippers then a Wall Brown sat on path in front of me!!
Number 15

Such a stunning butterfly side on.

Another Small Heath, again not stopping and I stopped waiting for a large cloud to disperse when a Brown Argus suddenly popped up in front of me!! It's only number 16, amazing. 

The Brown Argus was a bit more obliging and stopped for a couple. 
Saw 2 Argus in all.

A couple of Grizzled Skippers chasing each other then a single Dingy skipper was about it but what a excellent day and to think I nearly didn't go anywhere because weather forecast wasn't great! Don't listen to the weather man or woman!!

Met some nice people too. 
If anyone can ID this bug would be grateful, looked but can't find :)
I know i've seen before but drawn a blank

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