Thursday, 24 November 2016

Floods, Patch and Slimbridge.

Date: 21+ 23/11/2016
Location: Patch then Slimbridge
Wet with heavy rain on 21st then Grey,misty for Slimbridge.
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Its been 10 days since last blog so a bit of a catch up starting with  Laurens Picture from the Newton Park rather nice!

Moving on i did a Patch walk on the 20th with very Little to show for my efforts picture wise, but Bird wise a good count of at least 50 Meadow Pipits over village ! With 35 Redwing a few Mistle Thrush usual stuff ended walk on 35. full total above in link. 
Picture below by Lauren from our front room window !

Next the rain started, this picture taken 4pm on the sunday, Our brook was rising fast ! 
its usually a meter lower than this.

Some 18 hours later and the Rain water was draining off of surrounding fields, Pennyquick, the road still good.

3:10 pm still raining heavy, but Brook still holding.

5:20pm its burst ! Within a few minutes of us going down to check it out it was at least 1 foot high across road.

Causing a few problems for some cars who decided to drive through ant way !

This shot from Bath Mill bridge looking to Pennyquick !

That water level scale now gone. 
But bridge into Bath Mill wasn't quite underwater , water soon dispersed. next day fast flowing but much lower. hope our Grey wagtail returns soon ! 

Next 23rd went to Slimbridge to see some birds !

A misty and very cold start to day, Holden hide freezing! But A Peregrines Falcon with putting on a bit of a show, first saw it in front hide plucking something to distant to see it had 2 crow for company who kept trying to sneak in for a taste! The Peregrine had enough and took off with its kill.....this picture below if the Peregrine realising he's dropped it it !

He was not happy !

Watched him fly off but returned to kill some 10 mins later only for another Peregrine to arrive and try to muscle in on his kill, not sure but male and female ?

The larger of the the 2 took off and flew of at speed along hedge line and out of sight.

With 2 Peregrines on site much off the wildfowl was up and moving in skies above. But headed down to Kingfisher Hide to see if the reported Black-tailed Godwit, 300+ Lapwing,  Redshank, Snipe, Dunlin and 300+ Teal. where grounded.... nope all up and distant.
The look of disappointment on this Goldeneye sums it up ! 

There were a number of Fieldfare and redwing constantly flying over site.

This the view of the skies above Lapwing, Black Tailed Godwits and the rest !

Work was taking place in South hide so stopped to check out the Flamingo's, 
Beautiful this a Puna Flamingo.

A few Bewick's on site, number for morning feed was 35 still more to come i hope.

A lone Lapwing from the Rushy stunning little bird in a flock or on its lonesome !
Next on way back thought i'd drop into Sharpness Docks as a  Black Redstart was reported.

On arriving spotted her within a few minutes high up on building at end of Dock Road.

A female immature Black Redstart Excellent ! and a great end to a cold day.

Thanks For Looking !

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