Tuesday, 23 February 2016

8am Sunshine + Singing Skylarks

Date: 23/03/2016

Location: Newton St Loe - Full Patch
Weather: Blue Skies - Some Cloud
Other Species: 200+ Wood Pigeon, 5 Song Thrush,6/7 Goldcrest, Green Woodpecker, Greater Spotted Woodpecker, 5 Buzzard, 8 Skylark, 14 Yellowhammer, 4 Greenfinch, 8 Grey Heron, 1 (Female) Goosander, Raven, Teal, Stonechat, Kestrel, 3 (Male) Bullfinch  

- Of Note. 

Observation: Headed out early 8am! That early for me :) But sunshine and singing birds was definitely the reward. Long Tailed Tits, Robins and 5 Song Thrush out through Bath Mill with Goldcrests up towards dog track.

On fields either side Skylarks were up singing with Wood Pigeons trying to find somewhere to sit at least 200 in groups of 50.

At Crossroads of the byways before Seven Acre there were 2 Yellowhammers, one singing their distinctive song, first time I've seen & heard them this year here.

From Seven Acre I could see 3 Buzzards soaring high on thermals.

More Skylarks on next fields and in towards Village the normal House Sparrows were sat basking in the sunshine.

At Church it seemed to be alive in every tree with Goldcrests feeding.
2 more Buzzards soaring out over Corston.

The Heronry seems to be going well with 8 still present.

On Lakes Goosander numbers seem to have dropped just 1 Female, Males may have flown down to River Avon at Keynsham Weir as they have been seen a few times there.
A very smart Black Headed Gull 10 or so Juveniles but no Little Grebe or Kingfisher was seen today.

After the College and climbing hill towards Park Farm the view seemed to be clear and crisp today with Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Welsh Hills behind.

Just before Park Farm a group of 10+ Yellowhammers, this normal place for them.

Also a pair of Stonechats at Farm, while watching a Kestrel came from nowhere making Chats, Wrens and Dunnock dive for cover !

2 More Buzzards another Yellowhammer at Crossroads of 12 O'clock Lane,
While taking picture of the undulating lane a Rabbit ran across road, what are the chances !

The normal Greenfinches, Great and Blue Tits at Pennsylvania farm and bottom of hill before Claysend Farm a group of 6 Siskin feeding on Alders.
A long walk but seeing 47 Species  a great one !
Sooo close to 50, one day !

Thanks For Looking !

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