Monday, 28 September 2015

Glossy Ibis Levels Wander

Date: 28th September - All Day
Location:  Somerset Levels - Aller, Greylake, Ham Wall + Shapwick Heath
Observation:  We headed off fairly early today in the hope of spotting the Common Crane's at Aller Moor / Swell Wood, after a good look and a drive around the droves unfortunately we couldn't see any but we will be back to look for them soon! We headed onto Greylake on our way back up, both hides closed due to some 'aggressive' wasps, but a few birds in carpark on seed tables, along with group of Long-Tailed Tits and a few Chiffchaff's feeding just inside the gate on the wooden sculpture.

Going in for the kill!

Straight in the hatch!

Inquisitive Robin!

Stunning Blue Tit!

We moved onto Ham Wall + Shapwick Heath, stopping in Canada Farm (once we found it!), Kingfisher was seen 20 minutes before we arrived on the 'famous' perch, we heard him call a few times but he didn't show unfortunately! Also a Great White Egret along with some Gadwall and Little Egret, we thought the Cattle Egret was on the far right in a sluice but couldn't confirm (later seen flying off at 3pm!).

Onto Ham Wall, we were pretty disappointed nothing was close enough to photograph, so we focused on the many of Dragonflies! There were hundreds about! Mostly Ruddy and Common Darters and some Hawkers. 

One of the hundreds of Common Darters !

We walked along to the Second Viewpoint using the Ham Wall Loop, and when we arrived someone shouted across to let us know a Glossy Ibis has JUST landed, in the far pool on the mud bank, we watched it for a few minutes. 

Before a Marsh Harrier came in low flushing everything, the second time the Marsh Harrier come back he flushed the Glossy Ibis up and he flew to the left and couldn't be relocated. 

The Marsh Harrier dived a few times all were unsuccessful whilst we were watching, he stopped in for a drink in the pool.

Was amazing to see a Marsh Harrier and Glossy Ibis in the same frame on the camera, and to see them fairly close also! Was a lovely day out and we were rewarded with the Glossy to finish the day!

Weather:  Blue Sky, Sunny + Warm
Other Species: Kingfisher, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Long-Tailed Tit, Chiffchaff, Robin, Marsh Harrier, Glossy Ibis, Wigeon, Teal, Shoveller, Great White Egret, Little Egret, Snipe, Reed Bunting, Lapwing, Dunlin, Great-Crest Grebe - + Many More!

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