Friday, 24 July 2015

Alners Gorse

Date: 23/07/2015

Location: Alners Gorse 
Weather: Very short sunny spell then cloudy - 20c
Butterfly Species: White Letter Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, White Admiral, Silver Washed Fritillary, Gate Keepers, Peacock, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Large White, Red Admiral, Marbled Whites +Small Skipper - 12

Observation: First time at Alners Gorse, Nice little place. Walked around reserve about 5 times. My first trip round was most successful with White Letter Hairstreak almost instantly at this point it was sunny and warm. Butterflies covering Bramble bushes mainly Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns 

My First White-Letter Hairstreak 

They seem to be very friendly !

Of the 2 White Letters I saw they spent most of there time heads buried in bramble heads.

Again White Admiral has holy wing, one week earlier next year me thinks.

Saw around 10 Silver Washed, when they stop soaring, Stunning !

After the fourth trip around still hadn't seen the Purple Hairstreak but after bumping into to 
Dr Martin Warren of Butterfly Conservation, only the Chief Executive ! He pointed in the direction of the magic Alder Buckthorn Bush And 6 Purple Hairstreak adorned the bush top ! Spent 60 mins watching and waiting for the sun.

Another Head on shot, difficult to get picture as perching at 7 foot and above.

Didn't quiet get the open wing shot but Purple Hairstreak !

Thanks For Looking !

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