Tuesday, 9 June 2015

In 19 Years Time

Date: 08/06/2015
Location: Slimbridge

Observation: Only a short visit as we were up that way, Lauren's first went to Slimbridge in 1996!
Lol me with hair !! Its all changed a bit ! 
Weather: Sunny + Blue Skies 
Other Species: Green Sandpiper, Oystercatcher, Reed Warbler, Blackcap, Common Crane - Plus Many More 

But our first birding trip was 5 years ago. Today the 5th anniversary to the day, Almost. Avocet chicks, Shelduck chicks could be seen from most hides
like this Avocet chick. Looking back through the photos from 5 years ago it looks similar, although images a bit better !

The Caribbean Flamingo looking nice

The Greater Flamingos also had young .
Did you know ? 
The backward bending "knee" of a flamingo's leg is actually the bird's ankle. The actual knee is very close to the body and is not visible through the bird's plumage.

North American Otters waiting for dinner time

Nice shot laurz! Reed Warbler in umm... Reeds

The Male Ruff looked particularly Splendid !

Stunning in Summer, Breeding plumage

Also seen around 4 of these Broad Bodied Chasers about, this a female

 To end a lovely Hooded Merganser, Until the next time .


Until The Next Time !

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