Friday, 2 January 2015

Morning Minks + Evening Roost

Date: 02/01/2015 - 9.30am - 5PM
Location:  Shapwick Heath - Ham Wall - Somerset Levels

Observation:  We arrived down onto the Somerset Levels, for a full day on Shapwick + Ham Wall. Never gone as far as Canada Lake so decided to go for it this time. Parked at Ham Wall and had a quick check in the Meare Heath hide, nothing of note spotted, so swiftly moved on, about 20 paces past the bridge at Shapwick, seen a little brown mammal hopping along the path straight towards us, another birder was in front of us and he snapped away, a cute little Mink! He ran down the bank looking for food, and carried on straight towards us, ran back across the path about 10 foot in front of us and down into the reeds towards Noah's Lake, was a nice surprise to see this! Got to Canada Lake after not seeing alot, to get told we missed a Otter fishing and a Kingfisher by about 30 minutes! Always the way! Still happy with seeing the Mink, we wandered down and had a quick stop off in the van before heading onto Ham Wall. 

Alot of tame Robins about today! 

2 Reed Bunting feeding in front of Viewing Platforms, which stayed for a few people to get some shots.

2 Reed Bunting feeding in front of Viewing Platforms, which stayed for a few people to get some shots! Second platform, was active with some Lapwings flying back and forth. The reserve was filling up quick and the new car park full for the starlings must have been at least 200 people present, and the Starling didn't disappoint, estimated count was 800,000 total, although we didn't attempt to count them ! A very nice walk and day out on the Levels once again!

Starling Video Here:

Weather:  Blue Sky, Little Cloud, Cold With Wind
Other Species: Buzzard, Gadwall, Wigeon, Reed Bunting, Song Thrush, Robin, Treecreeper, Starling, Grey Heron, Marsh Harrier,Redwing,Teal Of note

Mammals: Mink, Roe Deer

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