Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rhodes Town - Greece

Date: 4th-12th October 2014 - All Day
Location:  Rhodes, Lindos, Kiotari - Greece

Observation:  Went on a non-birding holiday to Greece with a few friends for a week, but I couldn't help myself in finding a few new birds for myself! There were Hooded Crows every direction you looked, so although I only had my iPhone and Nikon with 55mm lens I still got some decent shots which is nice! The hotel was full of Spanish Sparrows, Wagtails, Swallows and Martins catching flies and drinking from the pools and even the beach had flocks of Sparrows and a few Collared Doves scattered around. I did spot a Red-Backed Shrike on the hotel ground but typically had my iPhone and the only picture I got you can't make out its a bird, ran back to grab my camera but was gone. We went to Lindos for one day where again were alot of Hooded Crows flying around and nesting at the Acropolis. 2 Great Grey Skrikes were seen on a quick glance but the don't think the bus would stop to let me take some pictures! Lastly we went to Rhodes Old Town for the day, we done a Submarine trip and seen ALOT of fish must have been 10 species total, no wonder there were Little Egrets fishing all over the harbor! Also more Sparrows and Crows were hanging about. Apart from the odd bird picture I got, I do now need to sort through over 500 videos/pictures of landscapes during my stay! Tempted to go back and do a birding trip soon though!

Weather:  Blue Sky, Hot, 28+ Degrees, Humid
Other Species: Rock Dove, Hooded Crow, Spanish Sparrow, Great Grey Shrike, Red-Backed Shrike, Common Gull, Little Egret, Barn Swallow, House Martin, Shag, Collared Dove, Yellow Wagtail - Of Note

Butterflies: Large White, Red Veined Darter

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