Thursday, 24 July 2014

Priddy mineries,Blackmoor Reserve,Black Rock

Date: 23/07/2014

Location: Priddy Mineries - Blackmoor Reserve - Black Rock

Observation: Day three of my hunt for 5 new butterfly species,headed for Stockhill and Priddy Mineries on entering woods a Silver washed flew in to me ! Had a few shots then spotted a nice Dragon a Common Darter. Wandered round rest of wood Euro Peacocks feeding on Blackberry flowers was about it so crossed road Skippers Everywhere! Spoke to nice gent who said Dark Green Fritillary where just ahead! Got nice shots with wings a spread .Got back to van temp said 44 !!!! Scraped out of car park which is 6"5 my van is 6"5 ! Headed 5 or so miles to Blackmoor another Silver Washed Fritillary was first spotted then Common Blues, first time there, nice, good car park. Spotted some Linnets and 3 Buzzards Mewing. Then headed to Black Rock, Cheddar.Again first spot was a Silver Washed Fritillary, total for day 5 ! Not much else Small Copper and a Raven .Headed on top Cheddar Gorge for Final View and Home. Still need one Species gonna try Fontmell and Collard hill areas tomorrow.
Weather: Another hot day, blues skies clouded over in afternoon.

Other Species: Silver Washed Fritillary, Dark Green Fritillary, Skippers, Marbled White, Small Tortoise, Small Copper, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Peacock, Comma, Common Blue, Green Veined White, Large White, Small White, Brimstone, Ringlets.

Birds: Ravens, Buzzards, Linnet, Whitethroat, Barn Swallow, House Martins.

Silver-washed Fritillary

Common Darter

 Small Copper

Dark Green Fritillary

Marbled White                                 Cheddar Gorge

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