Friday, 6 September 2013

Goldcrest at Newton Park Lake

Date spotted:05/09/2013
Location: zone 1&2
Observation: went for usual walk to newton lake very quite up towards seven acre crossed into newton st loe village few barns swallows not much else,on butterfly alley  saw i think a Restart waited but didn't return :(
first lake no owl,second lake nice cormorant and lots of goldcrest 5 plus coal great blue tit all feeding together on the alder trees.plenty of crows and jackdaws on return along drive .
Weather: Blue skies 22c hot 
Other Species: 
Crow,jackdaw,Ravenheard calling,goldcrest ,coal tit,great,blue tit,cormorant mallard,heron,coot,jay,buzzard x4,kestrel,5 barn swallow,house sparrow,collared,wood pigeon,poss Redstart,grey wagtails also we got pigs now at home farm x4.

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