Monday, 10 June 2013

Pool Frog Species - Unknown

Date spotted: 5th June 2013 - 2.30PM
Location: Near Clutton, Ponds that make up the 'Old Somerset Coal Canal'
Observation: We spotted at least 15-20 of these frogs all in the same pool, didn't see them to start with just heard a VERY LOUD croaking noise so stopped and seen them all above the water croaking in the sun. When we stopped to watch them for a while they gradually all dived in the water and didn't return. Anyone know what these frogs could be? iSpot have ID'ed them as 'Pool Frogs' but they shouldnt be there!
Weather: Blue Sky, Sunny, Very Warm
Other Species: Unknown Exact Species Some Sort Of 'Pool Frog'.


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  1. I think they are Pool Frogs. There is another location close by in Hallatrow/Timsbury were these frogs reside


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